Anonymous said: have you thought about having kids with annie or marrying her?

i guess i would be lying if i said that those kinds of thoughts never crossed my mind 


jfcjfranco said: oh okay then. troy said maybe i could sleep on their couch if you didnt want me to live there

well. there are already a lot of people in that apartment… we can give it a trial run okay? but dont have any expectations 


Weekend Getaway {Annie x Jeff}



A sigh fell from Annie’s lips, too, and she found herself feeling mildly unsure about all he said. Sure, she knew he wanted to be able to handle her, but they were completely different people, emotionally. She liked saying ‘I love you’, and doing stupid cute stuff, and PDA, and thinking about the future, and marriage, and kids…Basically, everything that she didn’t think would interest Jeff in the slightest. “But, I promised to take things slow and not freak you out. I was already stupid enough to call you my boyfriend, and say I love you, I don’t want to keep pushing you closer and closer to breaking up with me.”

There was no longer a vision of the future in her mind that didn’t have Jeff in it. That was another thing she didn’t dare mention out loud; all of her fantasies and daydreams were all Jeff, all the time. No more Zac Efron, no more anything. As Annie kissed him back, she ran her fingers through his hair, trying to tell herself that it would be fine; if he told her she didn’t need to keep censoring herself, then she didn’t, and he wasn’t just suddenly going to up and leave her if she said something overwhelming. What could she say that was worse than ‘I love you’ or ‘I pretend we’re married, sometimes’? Maybe she should make sure the wedding book was completely hidden and out of the way, though.

She was quite happy and content to just lie on the bed making out with him all day. Annie would have chosen Jeff over food any day, but, there was nothing she could do about it when room service knocked. She’d been the one to suggest they get food in the first place, so they could hardly just ignore it. When he called her Mrs Winger, Annie pulled herself into a sitting position, her eyes sparkling. “You know, this was a terrible place to take your wife for your anniversary.” She teased, reaching over to grab the wine, and open it.

"How did we get to the conclusion that those are stupid things?’ Jeff asked her in regards to her using the term boyfriend, etc. "Those arent stupid. But I just… I’ve never dealt with those situations before and its difficult for me to process it I guess. But that doesnt make that stupid of you. Its not. Okay? Im not going to break up with you because you tell me you love me… I promise. I know I have some weird issues but Im working on it. I just dont want you to feel like you have to think twice about every single thing you say to me…"

Jeff pulled the cart of food over by the bed and sat beside her. “It was but i figure i should set the bar low so she’s really surprised when I take her someplace nice, you know?” he teased her. When she opened the wine, he grabbed the glasses and held them so she could pour.


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pathologicaledison-deactivated2 said: I'm not letting anyone do anything. It's not like he hit me on purpose.

he didnt need to be hitting anyone


pathologicaledison-deactivated2 said: Don't make me drive all the way to your place just to give you the Disney face.

youre letting him manipulate you. 


pathologicaledison-deactivated2 said: Jeff...



pathologicaledison-deactivated2 said: Even the guys think you're over reacting a little. I mean, Troy initiated the fight. And I just kind of got caught in the crossfire.

troy and abed arent exactly the best examples to judge reactions by. 

cam needs to go.

Hold up. I did not get beat up. The only reason things got complicated is because someone decided to jump into what should have been a fight between men. Oh and Abed jumping in probably didn’t help either.

calling. the. police.


Jeffery and Pierce



Pierce frowned because he wasn’t sure if he was doing a good job or not. He was terrible at conversation, he was terrible with people, and he often did not know what to think of him but he felt as if he knew a lot about what caused someone to turn to drugs and be afraid of commitment. He’d been married seven times but never actually believed that any of his wives would stay for long. So he’d never bothered trying hard to work things out or think only of them. He regretted it now in his loneliness.

“Well maybe you never thought of it this way but people take drugs to become a different person. To be more relaxed, to be better in social situations, to be more attractive, more attentive, more perfect even though that doesn’t make sense. It does to the druggie. Annie was worried she wasn’t good enough for you and hey, here’s a crazy thought-maybe she wanted to know that you wouldn’t run away if she messed up and wasn’t perfect for once.” He shook his head. “I took drugs because I wanted to feel young and wanted everyone to like me.”

“Whatever, Jeff. You can complain that you feel your relationship should be one way or another but if you don’t work on it, it won’t get there. Build trust and faith everyday. And tell Annie how you feel. You know what kills a relationship? Feeling like you can’t tell each other everything. Hiding from each other. It’s called emotional divorce and I’ve experienced it at least ten times with different women so take it from a professional divorcee and just try to be honest with Annie all the time.”

If Pierce was having second guesses about his advice, Jeff didnt know.  It all sounded fine and good to him. The thought of Annie needing to know if Jeff would stick around if she did something drastic struck a soft spot. He did the same thing all the time, consciously or not. Thats just how it happened. “You know what Pierce… you’re pretty smart.” he said quietly, glancing over at the older man again. “I dont want to screw this up… I screw everything else up but this is the only good thing thats happened to me in a while. Other than the study group but you know what i mean. Annie”s special…” his voice trailed off as he thought about her.


pathologicaledison-deactivated2 said: Oh God. Jeff. I don't even know where he is. What exactly are you going to tell the cops?

i dont think you understand how irate i am right now. i dont give a shit where he is, he’s never coming near you again.

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